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                          Guangzhou Hengda and Amperex Technology Limited.
                          (Original guangzhou hengda battery co., LTD)
                          Address: Guangzhou City, Panyu District Qinghe Road No. 76 east Shi Gang
                          Tel: 84866182
                          Company profile
                          Development course
                          Management idea
                          Organizational structure
                          Production base
                          Its company
                          Corporate culture
                          Company Performance
                          Production equipment
                          Technology research and development
                          Company news
                          Industry information
                          Nano battery
                          Silicon energy battery
                          Lead crystal battery
                          3/6GFMT series
                          GFMT series
                          Qualification certificate Technical support
                          Battery structure
                          Principle of the battery
                          Battery characteristics
                          Common Terms
                          UPS reference table
                          Compared with the industry standard products indicators
                          Product production process
                          Talent idea
                          Recruitment post
                          Training and development
                          Contact us
                          Electronic map
                          Copyright © Guangzhou Hengda and Amperex Technology Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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